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Get Paid for Writing
There’s never been a better time to be a freelance writer. Make money from your words, work from anywhere, and see your name in print.

Pick up your pen or your laptop. Your financially rewarding freelance career can start right now.

Guide to Freelance Writing

You will be paid. You will be published.

Your success as a freelance writer is closer than you think—but you have to know who to pitch and how to do it.

Building a financially rewarding writing career or simply selling your words for supplemental income is possible, and the time to get started is today. You will write. You will be paid. You will be published.

The Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing is packed full of practical tools to help you grow your work from wherever you’re at - whether you’re a budding night-writer aspiring to land your first gig or an established wordsmith wanting to build their client base.

We’ll show you how to get established as a bonafide freelance writer, run your business like a boss and pitch the bylines your writing dreams are made of (or at least ones that will pay the rent to start out with).  

Don't believe a word of the doomsday demise of written work. Companies, organizations and publications need quality content and well-crafted stories now more than ever. You're in luck. Writing is in demand and people want to pay you for your words.

The future of freelance is yours. It’s time to write your own adventure.
You'll Learn:

  • Simple steps to getting started if you’re brand new to the word wrangling business or just getting your feet wet in freelancing.
  • Traditional methods for pitching editors as well as using Twitter to build your client portfolio.
  • What to charge for your work, how to negotiate projects and when it’s time to raise your rates.
  • Strategies for growing your business and landing the big bylines.
  • Practical tactics for handling clients and editors
  • Secrets that 10 successful freelancers use to land their dream gigs
  • How to handle rejection and other freelancer fears


This guide is for you if you ever ask yourself:

  • How can I use my words and my writing skills to earn a living or make some extra cash?
  • What does it take to build a location-independent writing career?
  • How can I land a feature in a a big-magazine or become a contributor for my local news blog?
  • What are the tricks that full time freelancers use to catch the eyes of editors and land their dream writing gigs?
  • What should I charge for blog posts, magazine features, web copy or social media management?
  • How do I manage the stuff every writer fears: rejection, writers block and failure to pitch?
When you purchase this guide, you'll receive:

  • The Ultimate Freelancers Guide: a 55-page guide with practical steps for setting up a first-time freelance business or growing an existing client base.
  • Writers Resources: Pricing guidelines, steps to craft the perfect pitch or letter of introduction, and a pitch free process to landing work via Twitter.
  • Inside secrets from interviews with 10 widely published freelancers including tried and true tips for landing new clients and marketing yourself as a writer.
  • Freelancer business practicalities: Budgets, finances, taxes, and insurance.
  • Bonus travel writing material for freelancers who want to make the world their office. 


  • How is this guide better than other freelance resources?
    In addition to a PDF guide you get a comprehensive practical resource packed with actionable content, multi-media bonuses and ready-to-put-to-use information. We also let you decide how much information you want by offering different packages for purchase -- so you don't have to pay for what you don't need.
  • How is this guide delivered?
    You’ll receive an immediate download of all the initial materials- the PDF guide, interviews in MP3 format and transcripts. You’ll have the option to join a follow up email subscription list, and you’ll receive FREE updates of the guide for life.
  • I don’t live in the U.S.—will this guide still help me?
    The great news is that most freelance writing work is location independent. The key information in this Unconventional Guide will help you get started no matter where you live and work.
  • What version should I get?
    It’s up to you. Each version includes the guide in PDF format. The higher level includes additional resources, interviews and practical information for those who want a more comprehensive understanding with additional real world examples.
  • Who are the writers that are included in the guide?
    The ten expert freelance writers interviewed in this guide cover the range of magazine writers, copywriters, bloggers, journalists, content marketers, business writer, technical writers, copy editors and travel writers.
  • Who wrote this Unconventional Guide?
    This guide is authored by Amber Adrian, a freelancer who has been successfully making her living through the written word for more than ten years. In addition to her own expertise, The Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing includes insights of ten additional successful freelance writers.


Take our word for it.

You can write. You can build a financially rewarding independent career or simply sell some words as a side-hustle. You don't need a long list of contacts who are editors or your own team of cheerleaders (although wouldn't that be cool). You simply know how to get started with some secrets to freelance success.

We've created the Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing to give you all the information to need to get started as a freelance writer today.

You'll get the comprehensive writer's guide (55 pages!) packed with all the practicalities of selling your words (and FREE updates for life!) along with a long list of resources contributed by a-game freelancers with bylines in top publications.

It's time to choose your writing adventure.