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Working from the Road

Working from the Road

**The class is now sold out! Thanks for your interest.**

Join me for a one-hour online class on working from the road: how to make a living while seeing the world.

This class is for the hundreds of people who write in every week asking how they can get started with a career that allows them to travel. We'll discuss everything you need to know to create a plan.

The reality doesn't always match the fantasy. I don't work from the beach—most beaches do not provide WiFi, and it's awkward when sand gets in your MacBook.

Yet, if you are determined and committed, you can make this happen. It's not a fad or new craze... I've done it for ten years, to 160 countries and counting, and have never had a real job.

So have thousands of other people -- you've heard some of their stories, but how does it actually work? That's what this one-hour class is all about.

Important: Not every career allows you to work on the go. You should choose carefully.

Our time together will include:

Time to Hit the Road?

Date & Time: Wednesday, October 12th at 6pm PST / 9pm EST

Until it sells out, the price is just $29 and you'll get a recording afterwards if you can't get to the live version. Join us?

**The class is now sold out! Thanks for your interest.**

P.S. The service I use to host the class limits the number of attendees. Once we reach the cap, I'll remove the order button and this offer will no longer be available. My apologies in advance if we can't fit you in!