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Make the Law Work for You
Demystify the world of contracts, liability, intellectual property rights, taxes and incorporation—and build a better business by putting the law to work for you.

Guide to Law and Order

In Business? It’s time to lay down the law.

Taking the law into your own hands has never been good advice... until now.

Whether you're an artist, blogger, solopreneur or a small start up with big ambitions, the Unconventional Guide to Law & Order lays out everything you need to consider when setting up or running your own business.

Fire Google as your general counsel and take the fear out of running your own business with this clear and comprehensive guide that covers all the topics that keep you awake at night: contracts, intellectual property rights, business incorporation, liability and taxes.

It's like hiring a legal team to answer all the questions you have when starting out on a small business venture. And it's all included for much less than you'd pay for a one hour consultation with a fancy lawyer in a suit.

We’ll also show you how to use law for good to build your business to create strong relationships, define clear terms in agreements, and calculate your risks.
You'll Learn:

  • Practical action steps to use legal tools to build your business
  • How to handle the most common legal issues faced by artists and entrepreneurs
  • How to craft a contract with the language required to protect your business and relationships
  • What legal business you can safely DIY, and when you need to call in a professional
  • The most important things you need to consider about protecting your intellectual property in the internet age


This guide is for you if you ask questions like these:

  • Do I need to incorporate my business? If so, what kind of incorporation do I need?
  • What kind of intellectual property can be protected—and how do I protect it?
  • Is a handshake and email enough to hire a contractor? What if something goes wrong?
  • How can I license my artwork to sell?
  • What kind of formal agreement do I need to have with a business partner?
  • I’ve hired a designer, but who owns the work?
What’s in the box?

  • The Big Brief: a comprehensive, 82-page guide that covers the most important topics in small business law specific to entrepreneurs, bloggers and artists
  • Legal Resources: templates, samples and action plans for DIY legal action, including non-disclosure agreements, intellectual property licensing, and privacy policies.
  • The Mega Contract Toolkit: checklists, sample contracts, and contract templates
  • Bonus video and audio interviews with experts in Non-Profits, taxes, small business law in Canada, and Human Resources


  • Is this guide really as good as a lawyer?
    This guide will get you started as an affordable alternative to an attorney. The detailed advice comes straight from a real lawyer who specializes in helping small business with legal matters. The big brief and box of legal resources will show you how to do what you can on your own, and help you discern when you’ll still need to hire the human form of professional counsel.
  • How is this guide delivered?
    You’ll receive a link where you can immediately download all of the initial materials including the 82-page PDF as well as all the additional resources including legal templates, our mega-contract-toolkit, and video and audio interviews with transcripts. You'll also receive FREE updates for the life of the guide.
  • I don’t live in the U.S.—will this guide still help me?
    Law is different in every jurisdiction, across the U.S., across the world, and across the internet. We’ve written this guide with an investigative inquiry approach to help you figure out what you need to do, and what questions you need to ask no matter where you live.
  • What’s the guarantee:
    All Unconventional Guides are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for an entire year. If you don’t think the guide is as amazing as we think it is, just let us know after 30 days and we’ll return your money—without judgment.
  • What we can’t promise:
    There isn’t always a one-size-fits-all approach to law, and purchasing this guide is not an agreement for legal representation. Our mission is to help you know what questions to ask to make the law work for your individual situation. Be sure to consult your own attorney or accountant for matters specifically related to your business.


Case Closed: It’s time to get your law in order.

You’re in business and it’s time to get the law to work for you. You don’t need a team of suits or general counsel. You need simple answers to understand how to handle the most common legal issues faced by artists and entrepreneurs like yourself.

We've created the Unconventional Guide to Law & Order as a comprehensive solution: understand how to use law for good to build your business, know what legal issues you can handle on your own, and know when you really need to call an attorney.

You'll get a our not-so-brief legal guide with more than 80 pages of the most important law for business builders, as well as a whole suite of DIY legal tools and resources—including our mega contract toolkit, sample forms and documents, and FREE updates for life.

The verdict is unanimous: order now!